Trombone Thailand was established to serve as the center of all information of trombone. Its objective is to provide knowledge and advices for trombone players of all levels, from beginners to professional performers. We can suggest how to choose the right trombone and any other equipment for each individual player.


We offer expert guidance on selecting the optimal trombone for your needs, along with a wide range of trombone-related equipment. Our services encompass the procurement and sale of various trombone types, spanning soprano, alto, tenor, bass, contrabass, marching, and valve trombones, both new and pre-owned, sourced domestically and internationally. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive selection of trombone accessories to cater to musicians at every skill level, from beginners to professionals.


Our procurement and distribution services are for all types of trombones: soprano, alto, tenor, bass, contrabass, marching, valve, etc. These include both brandnew and secondhand trombones inside and outside the country. We also have trombone equipment for players of all levels. Our full service center with staffs, professional technicians, and experienced performers professional players or university level instructors is available for consultations and advices for playing trombone.

Moreover, we also arrange knowledge sharing activities for students and individuals interested in playing trombone and provide classes on theory and performance in all levels. These are to support those seek to study further in first-class universities both inside and outside the country or to become professional trombone players. In this way, we intend to promote Thailand trombone player community at international level.

Trombone Thailand gladly welcomes you to this new experience



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